Stussy x Nike Vandal

For those who don’t know, the sneaker that kicked my whole sneaker obsession off is the Nike Vandal. Specifically the Black and Gold Vandal Supreme from 2003. That being said I am always a sucker for any Vandal release. For the first time in a while we are getting a new Vandal and it's a Stussy collab. 


With what appears to be a canvas upper in “deep royal blue” upper that is almost closer to a Navy, they are sitting on a white midsole. For the first time that I can remember on a Vandal the Swooshs on each side of the shoe fully embroidered on the shoes. From the pictures we’ve seen so far the shoe will come with 2 straps, 1 set is plain black and the other set is blue and orange with the classic Stussy branding written multiple times over them. They will come with 3 sets of laces, 1 blue pair, 1 black pair and an orange pair. The tongue has the Stussy logo with an 8 ball and has the open top with the exposed foam on the inside of the tongue. 


There was already a release at Stussy brick and motar stores along with but we will get a SNKRS app release on June 15th at 10am. The retail price will be $130. 


Images from NiceKicks!


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