Return of the Mac Attack

Travis Scott is getting another collab with Nike but I am not sure these are gonna be the hype seller that the Jordan 1’s have been. This past weekend in Miami at one of the events surrounding the F1 Grand Prix race, Travis wore the Nike Mac Attack but these had a twist. They had the classic gray and black colorway but with his signature reverse swoosh.  We have already seen,  in collaboration with Social Status, the Mac Attack will be returning this summer. Back in March it was revealed that the boutique was going to be launching 3 colorways of the shoe. They feature a off white upper with either white, blue or green swoosh. The Swoosh has a tear away material that reveal another color underneath. With the Green there is a yellow underneath, the white swoosh tears away to reveal a black swoosh underneath and the blue pair has a light blue Swoosh underneath. 

The Travis hype is still real but I am not sure these are going to be apart if they actually release. I am not sure there is going to be a lot of love for this model in general. Nike does do a great job at selling the story and that in turn sells the shoe, so it won’t be a surprise if these do pop off and become the shoe of the summer. There is no release information for the Travis Scott Mac Attack and all we know about the Social Status collab is that they will be releasing this summer but no price has been given just yet.

What do you think? Are these gonna be really popular or are they gonna fall flat? Let us know!

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