LeBron II Beast

Back in 2014-2015 we got to see a LeBron exclusive version of the LeBron II. It was to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the model. This shoe featured both Cheetah and zebra faux fur on the upper with red highlights, a black midsole and a bone colored midsole. Well almost 9 years later we are going to get an actual release. These are scheduled to release on November 16th 2023 and retail is supposed to be $250. 

I am a huge fan of the LeBron II. I am not a fan of this colorway. It is a little too much for me personally. All the animal print is hard to rock plus you would always be worried about messing up that fur. If that is your style though, more power to you. I don’t think they are a bad shoe I just don't think that I would be able to rock them. I am very surprised they are going to go ahead and release these after the abysmal response to the last 2 LeBron II retros that dropped. That was good for me because I could cop the USA pair for cheap. What do you think? Let us Know!

Images from Kicks On Fire

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