It's Hard Out Here For A Sports Fan


The other day I found myself in search of some sporting apparel. I went to all the places in town that would carry that but I couldn't find what I was looking for. I noticed today that in my hometown there is nowhere to find sporting apparel or sneakers and then I realized that the places I went to growing up are all gone now. Don’t get me wrong my hometown never had any real big name places but there were a few spots to get hats, jerseys and other apparel. It's not any different than what the rest of America has been going through for the last 10-15 years, with the rise of online shopping. I know that its not just a Midwest thing, shopping malls and brick & mortar stores are struggling everywhere. It makes me sad because I always enjoyed browsing through all the stores and finding stuff and the kids these days will not be able to experience that. There has always been something way cooler about being able to hold the item in your hand and ogle over it before buying it. I know that when I go down to a big city I can still get that experience but I do just wish we had that in Marquette still. I know times change and things will never be the same but that doesn't make things any easier. All that being said go out there and search for something and I hope you actually are able to find it in person. The feeling of searching for a pair of sneakers and finally finding them and getting them is the feeling that got me hooked on this game. I guess that's where I will end my old man rant. 

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