Air Jordan VI "Aqua"

The Air Jordan VI is rumored to be released in an Aqua colorway. This is coming in the spike of colorways being taken from one model and slapped on another model and this has come with mixed results. There have been several Jordan VII colorways that have been applied to the VI like the Bordeaux colorway and the Hare colorways. Recently we have seen some Jordan VI colorways on the VII as well, like Infrared. Another factor with this shoe is, Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets and, we do see quite a few Charlotte influences. Just last week Jordan released a Aqua Jordan V, which is actually based off of an old Chris Paul PE from his Hornets days.

The Air Jordan VI is difficult to mess up, and the Aqua VIII colorway is also hard to do wrong, so it is no surprise that it would work on the AJ VI silhouette so perfectly. The black buttery nubuck base is perfectly contrasted by the Aqua and purple accents. One of the reasons the Aqua colorway hits so hard is because it was perfectly in fashion back in 1993 when the VIII originally released. Converse had a ton of shoes with the aqua and purple colorway. Hell, all of us of that age remember the old soda cups with the aqua wave and the whole Taco Bell theme was aqua and purple. 

With all that being said, these are all just mock ups and there is no guarantee that this is what the retail version will actually look like. If Jordan is smart though these come exactly like this because they are close to perfection. They are rumored to be a Holiday 2023 release.

Pics from House of Heat & Sole Retriever

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