Air Jordan 2/3


Jordan Brand has been making hybrids for close to 20 years now (Damn, that makes me feel old). The first official release of a hybrid was the Dub Zero in 2005. It was meant to celebrate the first 20 years of Jordan Brand. It had a combination of the design elements of the Jordan 3,4,5,6,11,12,13 &20’s. The Dub Zero was followed by a continuous onslaught of hybrids since. From the Spizike to the Son of Mars, the AJF line to the 6Rings and everything in between, Jordan Brand has hung their hat on the hybrid model’s ever since. 

The idea of the Jordan hybrid goes back a lot longer than 2005. We all know the story of what came to be known as the Air Jordan 1.5, when Nike put the midsole/outsole of the Air Jordan 2 on the Air Jordan 1 upper to test it out, but Nike used to use the midsole/outsole from the Jordan 2 on the kids version of the Air Jordan 3. There was also countless versions of Air Jordan models with different outsoles for testing but we typically did not see any release of them. 

With the resurgence of the Air Jordan 2 and the hope that we would finally get a proper retro of the low top Jordan 2. Fromer Jordan brand executive, Gentry Humphrey, was seen with some interesting Air Jordan 2 with an Air Jordan 3 midsole/outsole. These have gotten some mixed reactions on the internet. They’re rumored to be releasing next year but there is no release info yet. 

How do you guys feel about them? I personally like them, they actually mesh pretty well together. I guess we will have to see, as we get more information. 

Images from Nice Kicks!

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