Adidas x Fear Of God

I just want to start off by saying that I am not a high fashion person so I do not know much about Jerry Lorenzo’s work outside of the shoes he has done with Nike. This past week we got our first official look at the first Adidas Fear of God basketball shoe. With sleek, futuristic styling they have what appears to be a knitted upper that is reinforced in the toe and a few other areas. The three stripes rise up from the midsole and forms a cage around the midfoot that appears to be made out of some type of TPU. There is a very thick cupsole with what looks to be a herringbone outsole. The sock like collar features a drawstring where you can tighten it around the ankle. Just like FOG products of the past they have a sleek and minimalistic design. Overall they are a very nice looking shoe. I am not sure how these would actually perform on the court but you’re gonna look good while you're hooping. There is no information on a release or pricing at this point but keep it locked for updates.

Images from SneakerNews & @MRDEANWALKER

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